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Let's talk about:


Rogelio Zárate

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Al the topics here Sir.

Gize Bonilla

UI/UX Frontend at The Hybrid Group

I'm a competitive person, purposeful, responsible, perfectionist who seeks to gain experience and knowledge to achieve goals, whether professional or personal, to the highest degree of quality and efficiency with a vision for the future of personal and collective.

Specialization in UI / UX Design, Front-End Development.

Startup Weekend León, Bajío on Rails and GDG León Organizer.

Let's talk about:

databases, performance of graphics, illustration, photography, branding,... [keep reading]

Ismael G Marin C

Ruby Developer at Hybrid Group

I love Web Development in which my favorite lenguage is Ruby, of course I use Ruby on Rails and Sinatra a lot and I always deploy to Heroku.

Besides development I'm very into entrepreneurship also been an organizer of Startup Weekend León and Irapuato, I enjoy helping communities like GDG León & Bajio on Rails.

Music is my thing from Baroque to Alternative Rock

If you have a challenge you have to talk with me.

Let's talk about:

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rubymotion, Entrepreneurship, Google, Heroku

Let's talk about: