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León ranks first in large Latin American cities in cost-effectiveness.

León is a city in the Mexican state of Guanajuato and part of the macroregion of Bajío.

It has a strong leather industry, offering shoes, boots, belts, jackets, and other leather accessories both to national and international markets.

Its first-class services and hotel industry make it one of the most important centers in Mexico with numerous opportunities for entertainment, gastronomy, leisure activities, arts and recreation It is also considered one of the most environmentally friendly cities in Mexico and has a high number of cyclists, in part because of the integration a network of bike lanes into the SIT system.

However in the last decade the city has also developed an important economic activity in the automotive industry.

Communities representatives


Gize Bonilla

UI/UX Frontend at The Hybrid Group

I'm a competitive person, purposeful, responsible, perfectionist who seeks to gain experience and knowledge to achieve goals, whether professional or personal, to the highest degree of quality and efficiency with a vision for the future of personal and collective.

Specialization in UI / UX Design, Front-End Development.

Startup Weekend León, Bajío on Rails and GDG León Organizer.

Let's talk about:

databases, performance of graphics, illustration, photography, branding,... [keep reading]

Ismael G Marin C

Ruby Developer at Hybrid Group

I love Web Development in which my favorite lenguage is Ruby, of course I use Ruby on Rails and Sinatra a lot and I always deploy to Heroku.

Besides development I'm very into entrepreneurship also been an organizer of Startup Weekend León and Irapuato, I enjoy helping communities like GDG León & Bajio on Rails.

Music is my thing from Baroque to Alternative Rock

If you have a challenge you have to talk with me.

Let's talk about:

Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Rubymotion, Entrepreneurship, Google, Heroku

Participants in León

Let's talk about:

Let's talk about:


Rogelio Zárate

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Let's talk about:

Al the topics here Sir.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe?

Yes! León is one of the safest cities in México